Kevin Bokoum puts students first.


Meet Kevin

Kevin Bokoum, is a senior at North Hagerstown High School. He has strong leadership skills and a deep desire to help others. Kevin has been involved in student council since 6th grade. In addition to participating in Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate classes at North Hagerstown High, Kevin takes classes at Hagerstown Community College. 


Kevin has held many positions and advocated heavily for student interests. He served as Student Member of the Washington County Board of Education where he advocated for fine arts students, infrastructure, co/extracurricular funding, etc. Furthermore, he served as Division 1 Liaison on the Maryland Association of Student Councils Executive Board representing Washington, Allegany, and Garrett County Student Councils. He is was a founding member of the Maryland Center for School Safety Student Focus Group and Hagerstown Youth Advisory Council. Kevin now serves as the 35th Student Member on the Maryland State Board of Education.  


Kevin does not limit himself to the county level; he has given comments and testified before the Maryland State Board of Education on High School Graduation Requirements. Moreover, He also has attended numerous conferences, a few being the Maryland Associations of Boards of Education (MABE) conference, the National Student Council Conference, Lead Conferences, Region 6 Conference, and numerous state level conferences. Kevin also researches educational policy; specifically in relation to equity, race in education, and elementary education.


Outside of school, Kevin likes to volunteer at the local hospital and works at the Hagerstown Ice & Sports Complex where he enjoys playing hockey. Kevin also plays football for his high school.  He has an immense passion for student advocacy, education, and health. 


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My Promise

Being a SMOB is all about representing the students. Surrounded by adults, I’ve always stood up for the student voice, even when I am in the minority. I promise to do the same as Maryland SMOB. With the power to vote on all items student-related, guarantee that every policy of the Maryland State Board of Education will have the opinion of the students embedded in it. All my policies can be summed up in one statement: I will make decisions which allow each and every student of Maryland to receive a world-class education through increased opportunities and safer environments.

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