[2020 – 2021]

[Student Member of the Board of Education] / [Washington County Public Schools]

Represented ~23,000 students in Washington County Public Schools and served as a liaison between students and staff.  Facilitated communication with fellow board members and superintendent on topics that concern youth such as an inadequate allocation of counselors, improvements in ways for students to report safety concerns in a safe manner, and reduce the number of standardized tests for students.


[2019 – present]

[WCPS Committees – Student Member] / [Washington County Public Schools]

Served as student member on eight WCPS committees alongside staff from Washington County Public Schools. Within the WCPS School health council, I gave recommendations on sexual and mental health and implemented them within schools. In the Board Curriculum & Instruction committee, I advocated for equitable grading and advance course options for fine arts students. 


[2020 – 2021]

[Division 1 Liaison] / [Maryland Association of Student Councils Executive Board]

Represented Garrett, Alleghany, and Washington Student Councils on the Maryland Association of Student Councils Executive Board. Kept in communication with the regional student councils and dispersed MASC resources & information through emails and presentations. 


[2020 – 2021]

[Student Focus Group] / [Maryland Center for School Safety]

Helped to spread the Safe Schools Maryland tip line and app by hosting a General Assembly on the topic of school safety in Washington County, MD in coordination with the Maryland Centers for School Safety. Aided the Maryland Centers for School Safety by giving valuable feedback in response to their initiatives. 

[2019 – Present]

[Hagerstown Youth Advisory Council] / [Hagerstown, MD]

Worked with City staff and other council members to review policy presented to the Hagerstown City Council and Mayor. Collaborated with other members to provide youth opinion on policy, and organized youth related activities around the City of Hagerstown surrounding the main topics of wellness, environment, and financial literacy. 


[2019 – 2020]

[Treasurer] / [North Hagerstown High Officer Team]

Served as the only treasurer in the WCASC region that had the permission to handle and process cash as well as make deposits and request statements. Planned successful fundraisers that raised ample amounts of money for the North High Student Council. Helped organize a free community Thanksgiving dinner sponsored by the North Hagerstown High School Student Council which earned high praise from the Board of Education, Superintendent, and WCPS Staff.


[2018 – 2019]

[Fundraising Chair] / [North Hagerstown High Exec Board]

Helped the Treasurer in coordinating fundraising activities as well as evaluating fundraisers for their effectiveness. Helped to build and fundraise multiple thousands of dollars for our school’s “Be Smart, Don’t Start” anti-drug campaign. 

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