Kevin's Policies

 Students First... Always! 

 Equity throughout all Maryland systems 

  • Early childhood literacy

  • Increased mental health supports

  • Improvement of Infrastructure within our schools

  • Technology upgrades 

  • Accessibilty to resources that allow students to succeed 

  • Investment of money into our schools

  • Improvement of sexual education curriculums 

  • Universal Pre-Kindergarten

  • Ensuring equitable implementation of the Built to Learn Act and Blueprint for Maryland's Future

  • Redefine and examine standardized testing for Maryland

  • Restructure SRO trainings to include more MSDE and MCSS guidance


 Eliminating the opportunity gap between the student and the system 

  • Expansion of CTE programs

  • Universal 1:1 technology access for students

  • Tutoring grants

  • Introduction of more diverse curriculums 

  • Ensuring a global perspective view at MSDE

  • Fight the racism that is systematically ingrained in education

  • Combat the opportunity gap

 Advocating for underrepresented students  

  • Bring more student perspectives to the table through a new continuation of the State SMOB Student Council

  • Bring more representation to students by receiving input from ALL students 

  • More access to learning and recreational activities for students in Special Education

  • Advocate for SMOB voting rights throughout the state 


 Tackling COVID-19 

  • Include more student representation on the MSDE taskforces to address the effect on Education from the COVID-19 Pandemic 

  • Increase communication between MSDE and local school systems

  • Expand tutoring opportunities for all students

  • Increase access to student mental health resources and providers 

  • Ensure a safe return to in person instruction for any student who would like to return

  • Secure a stable supply of PPE for LEA staff and school buildings

  • Work with LEA's to ensure schools can be vaccination centers for students